We specialize in making quality custom Adirondack-style rowboats, paddles, oars, and hardware.

The Adirondack guide boat was originally designed to be a work boat which later transitioned to benefit the professional sporting guide who carried the boat and provided all the propulsion for his paying passengers, who were hunters or fishermen who traveled to the Adirondack region of upstate New York from New York City.

It was in the guides’ best interest to make their craft both lightweight and easy to carry over the typically unimproved roads and trails between the lakes and streams of the Adirondack region. While the boat rates as one of the fastest fixed seat rowing boats in the world, the stability of the Adirondack Guideboat has often been described as merely adequate for the sporting purposes (hunting and fishing) for which they were originally built. The New York craft was famous for their on-center tenderness, a trade-off from their remarkable speed.